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Whether it be porcelain, ceramic, or marble, mosaics - arguably more than any other tile - require a perfectly flat and square substrate (in addition to an incredible attention to detail while setting the mosaic pieces themselves). Mucciolo Tile is known for meticulously taking the time needed to get everything just right, starting with the foundations and working from there. Don't even try to rush us!

Mucciolo Tile takes inspiration from a rich family heritage of mosaic art provided in part by Carlo Mucciolo, who in the 1800s was named director of the Vatican School of Mosaics, and produced such excellence as the Apparition of Christ to Santa Margherita Alacocque, which remains in St Peter's Basilica to this day.

Of course, measuring, ordering and delivery of materials, demolition and substrate preparation, right down to sealing up the seams and reinstalling your trim are all things we will gladly take care of for you so that there are no worries or hassles left for you to deal with.

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